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Essential Makeups for You, Ladies!

Makeup finding can be daunting task to do if you are a new beginner on this matter. There are so many different items to choose with various range of prices, products types, brands, etc. they all do so many different things and functions. If it is the first time for you, it is important to stick with basic things and keep things based on the needs and demands. There are certain makeup items that are perfect for those who have just started to go with the new makeup. I would like to share some essentials that every girl must have.

First is BB cream or foundation. You perhaps doubt when you want to apply it since you are afraid with such unnatural look that may be happened. But with such routine practices, using foundation for your makeup is actually very simple. Foundation is important aspect for your makeup to build such smooth base to apply other makeup. Those who do not need too much coverages on their skin can use BB cream as the best makeup base.

Second is concealer. If you do not really want to use foundation, you can go on with concealer. It is the perfect makeup for covering little blemishes around your face. It is also great for covering up your eyes bags.

The other necessary makeup is powder. It is important to set your concealer or foundation. It will take away the shine and help your makeup last long . Powders are the protection to keep your makeup from creasing.

Though this one is not completely crucial, but it is definitely good enhancement for your makeup. You can use eyeliner to beautify your face. It really helps your eyes pop.

The next thing is mascara. This is one of the best makeup crucial. Mascara can make all difference. If you are going to various occasions and events, mascara is the perfect answer for your makeup. It can be top off an eye look. If you have never used mascara before, it is time to get some. It can be big life changer for your fashion statement.

Last but not least, there is lipgloss and lipstick. Adding such nice colors on your lips can bring your beautiful look altogether. Lipstick can lighten your appearance. With all kinds of colors and look, a usual can be special with lipstick or lipgloss. They do the magical job bringing lips to life. For those who want to have something between lip gloss and lipstick, can opt to have lip butter.

So, are you ready to makeup, ladies?

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