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Get Fat with Fruits?

Do you think you will easily get fat because of fruits? It is an interesting theory, but this is what you should know first. Fruits are absolutely healthy and good for us in all aspects. They contain a large amount of vitamins, minerals, fibers and calcium. Fruits not only fulfill our nutritional demands but also prevent certain cancers which are harmful for us. It is also known that fruits will help your dietary program, so don’t get the wrong perspective here.Get Fat with Fruits

Most of us will look at the same culprit when we get fat: sugar. Losing weight is always started at the sugar demands of the body and first step is to avoid all the sugary items. But fruits are called the nature’s candies i.e. they do not cause any sort of harm in whatever quantity we eat them.

Fruits contain a good quantity of sugar and fructose. This is the reason that they are also taken by athletes for energy intake and people also take them if they are suffering with hypo glycaemia or low blood pressure to bring them to normal conditions.

One problem that persists is that fruits are itself carbohydrates and we should never directly eat a carbohydrate itself because if we do so then there is a gradual increase in our sugar level. Here a good role is played by insulin.

Insulin takes the extra sugar or carbohydrates in our body and stores them as a fat to use at some other time when needed. When there is more insulin in body it grasps more sugar in our body which makes us feel dumb and tired and thus we are dumber and fatter. That is why it is suggested that if you are eating carbohydrates then you should also take proteins with it to slow down the release of sugar or carbohydrates.

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