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Natural Dark Hair at Home

Women have been coloring their hair since they are up to the trending in the fashion world. If you are one of them, have you tried natural dark hair for your fashion statement? With all the changes, dark colors are loved by many people. Some look for hair coloring solution, some are even convinced to have a natural option. Nowadays you can turn your hair color to dark without using any harm chemicals. There are some ways you can try.

The first method is by working with black walnuts. Black walnuts are the useful stuff to make your hair naturally black. You can do this method at home without any hassle spending too much bucks. Many blonde-haired women use this method due to the effectiveness. The procedure is very simple. You can crack the nuts first and then put them in a pot of water, boil them finely. In 10 minutes, lower the heat and let the liquid cool down. You will use the liquid for the treatment. Separate the liquid from the walnuts, then apply it to your hair. Let it be for about 30-45 minutes. Next thing to do is rinsing it in the shower. Use quality shampoo and air conditioner to treat your hair. Dry the hair with towel and see the beautiful result!

Second method you can try is coffee. This is one of the most favorite ways to darken the hair. Hair care is essential and if you wrongly choose the method, your hair will be harmed. But with this method, you can get your dark hair color naturally without hassle. All you have to do is brew coffee, let it cool down and pour it into a bowl. Then wash your hair with the coffee in the shower. Then you need to rinse the coffee out. Use shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair and dry it with towel. You can see the fast result right after washing your hair.

Third is cocoa method. You perhaps love to eat chocolate. Chocolate is made of cocoa and this method is just as delicious as the chocolate. You need to buy a bottle of shampoo and half empty it. Then you can add cocoa to the rest of the shampoo in the bottle. Mix and shake them well. When they are mixed, you can apply it onto your hair and rinse it. This method is very effective. You can see the effect in no time. It is often recommended for those who have brown or light medium brown hues hair.

Which method you would like to try?

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