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Looking for Best Lip Glosses

Nowadays lip plumpers have been very popular, it is considered as sex appeal’s sign. Some women probably think about injecting their lip to get fuller appearance. But lip plumper is better solution since its effect, cost effective, and free risk of injection. Lip plumpers are popular because their mild irritant such as minty, cooling, and even spicy.

For teenagers, lip-gloss is the top priority makeup they want to apply. It is because they can adjust color tones of their lips while keep the lips soft. Lip-gloss can be look more natural than lipstick; some of lip-gloss products’ color tends to be soft. This product is adequate for teenagers who want minimal makeup on their face so that their beauty looks natural.

There are various types of lip-gloss you can see on the market and they can be use in different ways. Lip balm is nearly related to Lip-gloss, but generally applied to protect from the unfriendly weather such as wind, sun, dust, etc. Some lip-glosses form is like lipstick, you just turning around the bottom of the tube (Picture 1), stick it gently onto the lips. Other form is semi solid form and can be applied by put it a bit on your finger and tap it gently onto your lips (Picture 2). The other products even use soft brushes to smoothing down lip-gloss on your lips (Picture 3).

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Choosing the right lip-gloss for your makeup will depend on what condition and occasion you will face. Suppose if you have much time to spoil yourself, you can use semi solid lip-glosses. But if you are in a hurry, then using brushes will be a good idea.

Another thing we need to think is about the texture. Most women probably think that smooth texture is the best. Well, smooth texture is convenient but not last longer. If you need last longer lip-glosses, try the thicker one. It is a bit inconvenient but you will not apply your lip-gloss more than once per day.

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