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Losing Weight Naturally

What is better than losing weight naturally? Simply nothing! There are lots of synthetic dietary supplements out there but the natural ones are always the best.

Diet teas are becoming popular quickly as the new ‘coffee’. Green tea is usually harvested from unfermented young leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant that originates from China. Why is this tea so popular? Is it really so effective for our body to lose weight?

According to some Japanese Researches, drinking 5 cups of green tea a day can help you lose 70 to 80 calories through what is called ‘thermogenesis’. This refers to a process of heat production in an organism’s body. The Chinese people have known the benefits of their teas for hundreds of years, using them as a cure for many common diseases, and it is only in recent times that it has been used in weight reduction programs. The tea itself however contains caffeine, although about one third of the amount by volume as coffee, and caffeine is a familiar product used to boost the body’s metabolism so helping to burn more calories. If you are concerned about the caffeine levels or what it may do it is always advisable to consult your own doctor or medical practitioner for advice before using green tea in any diet program. However, this tea by itself cannot be considered a ‘do all’ weight loss product. As natural and great tasting as it is, the tea should be considered as a weight loss aid rather than a weight loss solution.losing weight naturally

Combine the regular drinking of these types of tea with a healthier diet and the correct exercise program and losing weight naturally is not just a dream as well as feeling much more energetic and so much better in yourself. As an added bonus there is some research that currently says that the drinking of green tea also helps in dental hygiene, halitosis, cholesterol and blood sugar levels!

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