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Some Natural Ingredients that Relieve Acne

Acne is a notorious problem for many people, women and men alike. The sight of red bumps on the face or on other body parts is physically and emotionally irritating. To remove these bumps, there are many treatments that can be done. Some of them can be done naturally, and some even are readily available. The following are some of these treatments.

Egg whites. Egg whites bind to the oil and sebum, the primary substances involved in most cases of acne. Egg whites also have an exfoliating nature, helping to remove dead skin. Beat egg whites to a loose foam and apply on the face, then let dry for 15 minutes. The oil and sebum will come off after rinsing. The same approach can be used for dealing with acne on the back, but it is suggested to add some cucumber juice to increase exfoliation and help clear away the grime.

Lemon or lime juice. Citrus of these types have high amounts of citric acid, making them good for exfoliation; the juice also acts as an antiseptic. Apply slices of lemons or limes, let them work into the bumps, rub against the bumps, and repeat two to three times a day. Alternatively, combine the juice with rose water and apply to the afflicted area; let stand for 15 minutes before rinsing. Repeat over a period of two weeks for the best results.

Tomatoes. Aside from containing lycopene, tomatoes also contain a host of vitamins and minerals. They especially help to treat blackheads. The treatment is similar to that of lemons and limes: rub slices on the afflicted areas, or apply the slices and set aside for 15 minutes or even longer. As with the treatment using lemons and limes, repetition will give better results.

Just these three ingredients can help with the problem of acne wherever it may appear. Acne may be a notorious problem, but treatments for the problem should not be necessarily so. It just takes simple actions with some readily available items.

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