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Popularity Equals Style Plus Trend

Many girls think that being popular means having to wear the latest update of fashion items. The higher the price, the more popular you are. Most of girls think that it is the way to live with style. Do you think that by simply wearing the latest models means you are bot trendy and stylish? Well, you are wrong, and here is a little reading
to help opening your mind.

Although the two words is related each other, doesn’t mean that they are the same. Well, you may think that it doesn’t matter as long as you get more likes and positive comments, but have you been using the right word to describe yourself? It is not easy being a popular image on social media, there must be at least one hater trying to ruin your image by your slightest mistake. This is how you shake them off!

The Difference between Style and Trend!

Although you often find these words altogether, they have obvious difference.

Being stylish means you have your own preference in brands, items, colors, etc. and they usually make you look stunning! Preference is the keyword here. But how about trendy? Well, being trendy is simply about following the latest popular stuff. See the big difference yet?

If you choose to be stylish, you may have your own preference, without having to be enslaved by the late5e926000f06750506bbf5c7bd27b7400st trend. It is not about how you look absolutely new, but it is simply about you and yourself.

Which One is Your Trademark?

While being trendy and being stylish shouldn’t be jumbled as the same thing, you can surely be both at one go. You can be BOTH trendy and stylish, and you’ll look great! Being stylish without being trendy is acceptable, and you’ll still look cool. You don’t have to follow current trends to be absolutely stunning. You can just stick to your usual outfit and look great.

And how about being trendy without being stylish? Well, that can also be done… But under any circumstances, you shouldn’t put yourself in that position, ever!

Because an outfit without style will look like crap no matter how on trend it is. Actually, you’ll look more of a fool because you look like you think you know what you’re doing. You look like you’re making a real effort to look good and failing miserably.

Be Stylish, then try to stay on latest trend, that is how you become popular!


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