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Beautiful Heart Shaped Diamonds – What Does It Mean?

Heart diamonds have been well known now. Although the attraction of heart shaped diamonds are crystal clear, technology does not always guarantee the highly stylized shape of diamond.

The process of shaping diamonds demands a rotund shaped diamond to start to carve. A Cloven is then cut into the top, making a heart shape. Heart shaped diamonds are usually surrounding by triangular or quadrilateral facets.

What does heart shaped diamonds mean?

Heart represents love. And this fact is combined with the glamorous and luxury value of a diamond that creates a new great combination between love and luxury. Heart diamonds are known as a symbol of absolute love. It is not because the stone, but the shape of the heart. Every gift has meaning. Then if you give your lover heart shaped diamonds, it means your love toward her/him is absolute.

It is a perfect gift to propose

Heart shaped diamonds are elegant gift that will never be missed in an engagement proposal. The romantic shape of heart will certainly touch your lover’s heart. But first crucial thing is you have to choose the right heart shaped diamond ring.

Some experts suggest right measurement for heart shaped diamonds is a 1:1, length and width ratio. This proportion will indeed offer you precise and durable design for you proposal ring.

The greatest design for heart shaped diamonds usually need 5 prongs: 4 to secure the body of the diamond and 1 to attach the spire. Some couples tend to place 3 hearts on the diamond ring to represent past, present, and future. Since the first purpose of buying heart shaped diamond is proposing, don’t doubt to do it. May your love blessed!

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