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Spring 2012 Fashions

This spring, there are two things in the fashion world worth noticing. They come in the form of clothes and cosmetics.

No matter what time of year it is, workplace clothes matter – and the suggestion for this spring is to avoid purple and animal prints. For other fashion suggestions, turn to pajama-style clothing for a tight look derived from the catwalk. For men, with the surge that is Mad Men Season 5, they might prefer a classic slicked-backed look. Coats are in as well, so long as they are breathable and have the right style. Also keep in mind individual designers’ preferences.

Marc Jacobs is starting his own line of cosmetics line, most likely to complement his own line of designer clothes. Judging from his previous autumn and winter show, it will likely complement two looks: his exuberantly gothic look with strokes and layers of makeup, or his Shiseido-replica look with a bare face but lively lips. Both are indeed rather stunning to show and even more so to complement with cosmetics.

Whatever the style, this spring definitely promises exciting fashions and tastes.

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