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Hi-Fashion Leather Blazers

Are you a hi-fashion enthusiast? You may want to consider leather blazers on your shop lists. Leather blazers are trendy. Whatever your fashion statement and purposes, they will enhance your fashion necessity. When you shop for leather items, you are recommended to learn about different types of leather that are offered in the markets. For the buttons, you could choose either 2 button or 3-button styles. Market also offers different colors of leather for the hi-fashion blazers like brown, white, black, olive green, yellow, red, caramel, sienna, cognac, etc. Based on your interests, you can choose one.

Materially speaking, there are different types of leather materials. They are dried, dyed skin of animal, toughened, and tanned. Thanks to the advanced technologies, most types leather can be applied to almost all colors. Some leather’s materials, however, are identical with some particular colors.

You probably ever seen buckskin made from wild stag from elk, antelope or deer. It is a pliable leather with smooth finish, one of the most favorite items in the market.

The other type is chamois. That is leather originally made from Alpine chamois, a goat-like animal. Chamois is popular for its comfortable softness, light tan color and absorbency.

You may heard about calfskin leather that made from young cows. It is smoother leather. It is usually embossed with patterns and other textures. Since it is considered as dressy leather, you usually can find it in darker colors like black and brown.

Cowhide is another one that are made of grown cows that is used for boots, jackets, and shoes. It is durable and strong. You can find either smooth or rough finish of this type of leather. You could find it in all colors but most store will provide brown and black.

The other blazers leather made from lizard skins. Some mentioned materials are made of alligator, crocodile and other lizard skins. They are great for the nice sheen and scaly textures. We can find it in shades of red, brown, green and grey.

Pigskin is probably rare in the market but is commonly worn in South America. Such smooth and soft material promote maximum comfort when you wear it.

So you have known all the materials above, you need to know about the price, right? A good leather blazer can cost you between $250 to $1000. It is a bit pricey but you can wear it as a strong personal statement. Depending on the quality of the cut, design, and materials, you can find varied prices in the market.

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