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Vests Styles Ideas for Women

Vests Styles Ideas for Women

Ladies, do you like to wear vests? They are one of the most popular fashion accessories for you. They can literally transform such boring outfit into amazing one! These accessories were actually worn by men underneath their coats in around 15th century. For men, the style has not changed too much. However, women have different liberties. They improve their creativity and find that vests are great for their outfit. If it is your first time, perhaps it is a bit difficult to get the idea about your outfits. Here are some vests styles ideas that you can consider.

A nice idea to start is by wearing pants in a jewel tone. If you do like white color, you can use white heels, then use skinny waist belt. Also do not forget to add white long sleeved shirt. Casual clutch can be a great idea to finish your overall outfit. When it comes to autumn outwear idea, you can pair skinny jeans with brown or black leather boots. Such tribal patterned vest can be a great main outfit along with long sleeved black turtleneck. It is kind of back to 70s with retro style but it is awesome these days!

When it comes to winter to spring, your denim vests can be a great idea. They are good to keep the warm but look fashionable for the seasonal transition. Try long sleeved black top underneath a waist length denim vest. It is also great idea to wear skinny jeans of black and a shirt with sleeves rolled up. You can wear pastel colored vest over and carry a leather satchel.

Lace vests are perfect for summer season. They are light so that you will not get heat. Without the risk of overheating you, it truly gives you such style. It is perfect outwear. You can combine it with a tank top and denim shorts. You can also add it with a sleeveless top and maxi skirt. You can dress it up with footwear you choose like sandals or heels. But don’t use boots. You know what I mean right.

Vests are truly classic pieced but it does not mean will not stay in the current mainstream. It will be long lasting from one generation to another. They are inexpensive way to add style for your elegance and fashion statement.


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