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Women Writer Fashion – What Should You Wear in Your Book Publishing


Are you interested in writing? Do you want your writing get published? Probably you think that writing is something that can be planned easily. So you get married and then you give birth to your kids. Then you will decide to write. Well, if you plan that way, probably you will never get your article published. You could write anytime anywhere you like. A lot of women earn money when they are in the University. They get money from their writing.

Suppose you are real writer now. You write your book and get published. In the launching day, you are confused on what you want to wear. If you want to be a perfect starter you could consider these 2 keywords: modest and cozy. Launching a book can cause a great nerve on you. It is how you talk about your book in the front of thousand people. As a professional writer, looks modest and cozy will be the best way to attract the audiences.

What should you wear?

Wear Decent Clothes. To get remembered and praised, you should give positive value to audiences in order to get positive response. Avoid skirts and tops that are too exposing. Sexual appeal is legally conducted, but remember that you want to sell your book here. So it is better to expose your book than your appearance.

Dress for audience. Dressing casually is better match for the book audience. One of the woman writer lodestars is J.K.Rowling. She usually uses pencil skirt or slacks, and combines them with jackets, sweaters, or coat.

Compliment your face. It is not that I would say, “Hey, I am beautiful”. Not like that. If we talk about the book talk, the people view will mainly aim to your face. Wear interesting accessory such as earrings (not to glamour). Choose a scarf that will compliment your face.

All women writers should dress for comfort because the right appearance will boost the book sale. I wish you had a good book talk!


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