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Are You Planning to Buy Motorcycles?

motorcycle girls

According to statistics, one in every 10 motorcycle riders is a woman. Nevertheless, the vast range of bikes available on the market does not seem to cater for the average female rider. That being said, there are a few available models that may cater to the female rider depending on what she is looking for. Here are 4 factors to consider when buying a motor bike if you are a lady:

The height of the seat

Most men do not care how high a seat is when purchasing a motor bike. However, for women, it is different because most are shorter than men. Hence, you should look for a bike that has the seat height you require. In general, cruisers have low seat heights but usually, the seats are wide, and the bikes are heavy. You can also consider adventure-style bikes in this regard.

Consider the width

Equally important as the height is the width of the seat. Some bikes especially those with lower seat heights have wide seats. There is a bit of a dilemma when it comes to the width of the seat for ladies. In general, ladies have a wider seating area than men, which means they would need wider seats to accommodate their nature. On the other hand, a wider seat means your legs are spread further apart making it tougher to get both feet flat on the ground.

The cc matters

The cc of the bike will matter when buying a motor cycle. If you are looking for something simple and economical, then you should stick to 100cc bikes. The advantage of this is that they are cheaper, and you get to save on gas significantly. In addition, bikes with lower cc are much easier to drive, control and maintain, which is highly suitable for a lady.

One foot should be down enough

Since there is a bit of a dilemma when it comes to the width of the seat of your bike, you can settle on one foot being down firmly on the ground. If you choose a bike with a wider seat to accommodate your seating area, and you cannot get both feet on the ground, then make sure at least one foot can stay firmly placed on the ground. It is vital that you are able to get your foot down firm because it gives you greater control of your bike and can prevent many accidents.

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