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Bicycle Overview

Bicycle Overview

Everybody must know what bicycle is. It is a pedal-driven vehicle with two attached wheels on the body. It was invented in Europe on 19th century. As the time goes by, it has been rapidly spread around the world. The design has quickly evolved into the current familiar design. The commencing of other vehicles like cars, motorcycle, etc may reduce the usage of bicycle. But some reasons, people still use it today.

In Asian region, it is means of transportation that is way cheaper than any other vehicle. In some regions, bicycle is also popular form of recreational transportation. Bicycle is one of the best of human inventions. There is a long term debate regarding when and who invented the former bicycle. According to general history that is believed by most people, the very first form of bicycle was created by Comte Mede de Sivrac of France in 1790. It was a wooden scooter-like contraption named ‘celerifere’.

Perhaps there are many versions of story about the bicycle origin. However, let’s take a look a bit about the general overview of the bicycle.

The general basic shape and configuration from traditional to modern change a lot. You could see the aspect of wheels, pedals, saddle, handlebars and frame has hardly changed. It was developed in around 1886s. Current bicycle design has been injected by many important detail improvements like modern stuff and computer-aided design. But it does not change the whole concept of bicycle configuration. The seat of the bicycle has remained less or more the same. There are some new improvements with noseless seats in current bicycle. But most people still prefer the conventional shape and size.

Lights are other important improvements that have been made by the manufacturers. Those who like their bike in the dark must not ignore this important factor in bicycles. Even if others do not want to use bicycle in the dark, one must have such precautionary lighting system. We can see the condition of the road these days. That is the strongest reason why the bicycle enthusiasts need lights feature to keep them safe from riding. Lighting features in bicycle will provide the peace of mind and safe ridingwhen seeing others and making yourself visible to others or other vehicles in the dark. It can help you to avoid any possible accident while riding in the dark. Lights are also important to see some objects to avoid, making your bicycle riding safe from any threats.



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