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The Perfect Cycling Accessories for You

A good cycling needs good cycling accessories too! You might be attracted to ride in simple athletic shorts, a T-shirt and running shoes, but genuine cycling accessories are so much more comfortable, safe and useful you should really give them a try. Starting with a helmet, helmets have gotten so light you probably won’t even know you’re wearing one.cycling accessories

It’s also a good idea to not ride in usual shorts, but you have to wear a good pair of cycling shorts instead. This is because basic cut-offs or gym shorts have seams inside that can cause irritation and numbness. True cycling shorts (available in different styles from baggy to spandex) breathe to keep you dry, offer padding for comfort and are seam-free so there’s no irritation.

Many are made with antibacterial fabrics, too, and some even have pockets. Find a pair that fits like a second skin and remember that your skin is the only thing you wear under them. Equally important for comfort is riding on a saddle that fits your anatomy correctly. Sometimes the seat on your new bike will fit properly, sometimes not. When a seat doesn’t feel right you should try a new one. Keep in mind that most women’s saddles are designed to fit a wider pelvis, so if you have slim hips, you may want to consider men’s saddles, which are narrower. It takes a while to get used to new saddles so try it for a few rides before deciding if it’s right.

Other important accessories include cycling gloves, which have padded palms for additional comfort and protection, cycling eyewear that blocks glare, UV rays and airborne debris and cycling jerseys that wick and breathe to keep you dry and comfortable plus usually include pockets for carrying essentials like your I.D., energy bars and cell phone, and all in an easily accessed location.

As you ride more, you may also want to consider cycling shoes. Unlike running shoes, these have stiff soles to keep your arches from collapsing when pedaling, which keeps your feet from getting sore and tired. With proper cycling accessories, you will feel much comfortable and spirited.

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