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Buying Your Helmets Online

Buying Your Helmets Online

Ladies, do you love to bike? Of course you do, you are on the right track. It is not surprising that more women are riding today than ever. And if you happen to be one of them, this information is just for you. Perhaps you have been riding for years or just a starter. You would agree that helmet is important for the sake of safety and style. There are some helmet styles you can choose from your local bicycle parlor. Each has its own set of fans, its sports of pros and cons. Helmet is not just for male. Whatever type you prefer, be that a full face ladies helmet, a half shell beanie helmet, three quarter, they are all purposely designed for female biker.

Speaking of which, size does matter. Helmet size will decide whether you will be convenient or not. Helmet that is too large will come off when you need it the most. And oversized helmet will also make you inconvenient since your neck might strain because the wind gets inside and tends to pull the helmet up and to the back. If you get too small helmet, the side effect is you will get headaches. Keep in mind that new helmet must feel like it may a wee bit too small. A proper helmet will fit snugly on your head. A full face helmet must grip your cheeks gently. You can try it while shaking your head up and down and the helmet should remain stable at the right position. You must not feel like spinning and rolling around inside it.

So, how to find the right size? You can start by doing simple test when looking around at the helmet shops. Firstly fasten the chin strap and grab the back of helmet. Pull it up, tighten it. If it comes off, you must try another helmet. If you want to buy online, it is a bit daunting since you can not check the real size of the helmet. However, you can make sure by looking at the exact product information about the measurement. You will have to measure your head. It takes times and efforts. But it won’t promote neck fatigue and safe for your head.

Use your exact measurement to find the fitting helmet for your head. Don’t overlook the fact that a bright colored helmet is great for stunning the public. You can go ahead and choose what is the best to represent your fashion statement.

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