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Choosing the Large Size Riding Boots for Women

Choosing the riding boots can be daunting task to do. But if you are a woman with large feet, you are in luck because there are so many good quality boots there waiting to be bought. Some online shops offer stylish, well-designed riding boots for women up to size 12 or 12.5 and if you need larger size than that, some of men’s riding boots are suitable for women’s use.

Men’s footwear tends to be wider than women’s. That is the reason why you can wear them too. But what if you still can not find the riding boots of your dream? You can have two options: custom-made boots that fit your feet perfectly, but it may add you additional costs to buy, or those existing men’s boots with excess width.

If you would like to avoid buying the custom-boots, you can get excessive width men’s boots to work for you. If you think that the width bothers you too much, you can still make it. Try to wear thick wool socks so that your feet will fit with the men’s boots. You perhaps want to fill just enough space to be comfortable. But for the sake of your safety, do not force it too much. Perhaps custom-boots are expensive but it will save your days a lot.

Before going to the market, it is better that you know the basic things about riding boots main styles. The first one is ankle-high or stable boots. These are perfect for riding horses, hiking, and riding. With the waterproofed material, it offers maximum protection for the extreme weather. Riding boots are designed with outer fabric. It is purposely designed to protect your feet against dirt, impact and abrasion.

Leather is a must material for riding boots. When buying riding boots, you need to consider about leather material. Leather is naturally water proofing. But it is not total water resistance in boots. They should be sealed so water can not be absorbed. Have you heard about nubuck leather? That is the material which may resist water stronger than others.

So, have you done with your research? Time to move on to the market!


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