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Tips to Help Girls Pass Their Driving Test

Although plenty of women and girls out there would hotly dispute this, it is a fact that both women and girls take longer than men to pass their driving test.  Studies showed that girls who went to driving school required on an average 21 lessons in order to pass their driving test, while boys needed only 17 lessons.  Boys are a lot more apt to pass their driving test the first time, with statistics indicating that less than 54% required another try, while 57% of girls had to take the test a second time.

It’s also a fact that even with driving lessons under their belt, girls still tend to experience nerves when taking their driving test.  So what can be done to help girls pass their driving test?

Less Pressure

While it’s true that learning to drive is probably one of the most important things a teenager will accomplish in terms of the self-esteem and pride they will feel once they have gotten their license, it’s also true that there is a great deal of pressure involved.  Sure, teenagers can generally handle pressure without breaking, but sometimes girls crumble under the tension of learning to drive.  It’s just so very important to do this, what with mom and dad paying for driving lessons, and all their friends waiting to learn how they made out taking their test.  Failure is unthinkable!  Yet it seems to be the only thing they can think of.

Girls have to be made to understand that not having a drivers license is not the end of the world. That it’s actually okay to wait if they want to.  There’s no certain age at which you absolutely must get your drivers license. They need to know that they don’t have to rush out and try to get one as soon as they finish taking their driving school lessons.  And so what if they don’t pass the first time, whether it’s because of nerves or plain old bad luck.  They’ll get another chance.


Stress that taking your driver’s test doesn’t have to feel like this momentous event.  That you can treat it just like any ordinary occurrence in your life, and whether you pass or fail, life goes on and you will be ok.  They need to be told that it doesn’t matter what their friends or anyone else thinks, they should just go into the situation calmly and do their best.

Maybe they could benefit from some breathing exercises right before taking their test.  From intentionally trying to soothe and calm themselves.  It’s okay to be a little nervous, it keeps you alert, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be shaking in your boots when you get behind the wheel with the instructor.

Don’t Imagine the Worst

When you’re upset and worried you can begin to let your mind wander and imagine all sorts of horrible things that can go wrong.  The truth is that boys are more likely than girls to have an accident or come close while taking their driving test.  And for all their overconfidence, they are more likely to experience road rage as they are taking their driving test than girls are.  So don’t automatically think that you are going to fail, try to hold onto positive thoughts.


Candice was a teacher at driving schools in Brisbane, and had given many driving lessons in Brisbane over the past decade.  She is an expert on the subject of driving and more than qualified to write about the topic.

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