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Farm Riding Etiquette (Part 1) – The Basic

Horse is one of the best friends for human. In one life, horse can role as ride, keeper, and pet for human. Although horses have many functions, we as human can not do whatever we want and consider them just as tools that if they’re broken we will put them in trash can.

We should have etiquette: Etiquette in visiting other farms, etiquette in riding safely, etc. It is important to understand horse riding etiquette, not just because of being courteous but also a safety issue. When you learn horse riding etiquette, you could have much enjoyable experiences that will keep everyone safe and happy.

Suppose you are visiting other farm by riding your horse, you need to notice farm-riding etiquette. Educating yourself on a few etiquette basics is a wise idea.

Notice farm rules. Many farms, arenas, stables, and other riding places will post their basic rules for others to watch before riding. You must check the rules before you ride and keep in mind that all the guidelines have terms that will ask your responsibility if you disobey them.

Prepare your horse safely. Make sure your horse is in good condition and prepared for the ride. Check the equipment: saddles, bridles, bits, etc. and you as rider must be equipped with helmets, boots, whips, and other riding equipments before you apply to ride.

Carrying other riders’ equipment well. If your house is far away from the arena, and you are forced to borrow some items for your ride, ask permission first, and give salute to other rider to ensure them that you are trustable. Take care of the item well. Make sure you return all borrowed items promptly.


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