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Farm Riding Etiquette (Part 2) – The Manner on the Field

In the last post we have discussed about the Basic of Farm Riding Etiquette. Now, we go to the advance one: The Manner on the Field. We will discuss about the riding manner on the area you go to ride. Every stable, farm, or field certainly has its own regulation. Beside that, we should learn the manner due to forms of politeness. There are several things you need to pay attention when enter the area:

Announce your entrance and exit. When you are about to enter the stable or farm area, make sure you announce yourself as a warm visitor. If you open a door, state ‘Door!’ and then keep in mind that your arrival does not disturb others coming from different directions. Do not way from riding area and make sure your horse is still in the right track.

Drive safely: Not only drive on the road that should be careful, driving horse is as important as driving a car since if we are careless, we will harm other people.

Once you have set out on your ride, you must now several basic farm riding etiquettes that are crucial.

Establish an appropriate communication: Always be steady and state your plans to other riders who are closer to you. In reducing risk of accidents, simply give them directions such as “passing on your right” or “about 5 meters on your left”.

Ride in pattern: To maintain the ride and keep it safe, you are ought to ride in the same pattern with other riders. Follow the directions and inform them well if you are about to change directions.

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