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Farm Riding Etiquette (Part 3) – Post Ride Etiquette


This is the last article about Farm Riding Etiquette. We have discussed Basic Etiquette and The Manner on the Field. Suppose you have finished your riding. It is wise if you keep in mind that you need to salute all other guys on the farm or stables. This is the Post Ride Etiquette and things you need to do to achieve good politeness:

Keep safe following distances: Same as you are in a car, you need to maintain safe following distances from other vehicles. A good way to maintain the distances is by watching the rear hocks of the horse in the front of you. It will help you to maintain the distances.

Maintain Control: Do not rush to go out from the farm. It looks like you were stealing something. Do it gently and control your horse, make sure you and your horse are relaxed.

Take off any equipment used: Make sure you put any equipment to the place that it should be.

Clean up you and your horse. If you left any mud or dirt into the barn, or if your horse left its “dung”, make sure you clean them before leaving the area.

Turn off your cellular: Cell phones is useful when the rider is on emergency. But it does not allow using cell phone while ride a horse.

Horse riding is a fun activity that can be done with others to spend leisure times. Take few hours of time to practice your etiquette in riding, it will ensure safe, fun, and enjoyable ride for everyone in your team.