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Honda Motor Scooter

You have been probably complaining about how pricey it is driving a car, truck, or SUV in the cost of rising fuel prices. If you are on the tight budget, driving a scooter could be the best choice to save your money. Yes, indeed, that is a wise idea. An alternative to consider as a single motorist is a Honda motor scooter.

There are various types and designs available, one of them is certainly matching all of your demands. The options to consider about the kind of scooter suits you the best could be derived from storages space, seating for two, durability running around town, long distance road and of course engine performance.

The first is Metropolitan model from Honda. It provides only 1 seat for metropolitan rider. This type of Honda scooter is the perfect choice for biker looking for sensuous European design and of course cost saving in fuels. The peak point of this motorbike is the automatic transmission that erodes all intimidating aspect in shifting gears. A powerful 49cc engine give the users top speed of 40 miles per hour that is adequate enough to pay a visit your local town friends.

cAre you interested in purchasing a two-seat scooter with enough and adequate storage space and a little more engine performance than Metropolitan scooter? There is Honda Elite model that could be the answer. It provides you 50 miles per hour speed empowered by its 180 cc engine while driving conveniently by accompanying your driver mate seating behind you. And you do not need to get busy on bringing your expensive helmet since this scooter provides you under seat storage space that is enough to keep the standard helm safe.

Those two great models of Honda scooter are really fascinating. Now, it depends on you, which one you choose? One-seated or two-seated?



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