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How to Ride a Horse (Part 1) – Lead Your Horse

Riding a horse is a fun activity spent on the leisure time. If you are interested in riding horse, sure you will learn the basic things you need to know to ride it. The very first thing you should consider when it deals with horse riding is to learn how to lead. It is crucial to notice. You hold the rope and lead your horse to go to the directions. You don’t want ending your horse ride by trying to pull your horse along right? Make sure you are standing enough close to horse’s throatlatch and put your foot over to the right place. That way both you and your horse can get convenient room. Lead the snap with one hand right and hold the rest of the lead line by other hand. You could also just push your horse with the snap hand.

If you could lead the horse, the rest riding lessons will be conducted smoothly and conveniently. When it deals with horse riding, you have to control your horse and yourself to stay calm. Both nervous individuals will lead the ride learning to disaster. Riding a horse results best when you ensure that you are in control.

Suppose you are in the front of your horse and your mind said, “I can’t ride a horse”, then you will never be able to ride a horse properly. Horses will know if you are nervous or scared, they will take the advantages of you. So if you are scared, remain calm, look at their eyes, and said it deeply “I AM THE BOSS”. You can’t say it roughly but show that yourself is a wise person, and then horses will respect you as a real wise boss.

If you are able to lead your horse, you have learnt most mandatory basic thing you need on the field. Your next lesson will go smoothly and your friendship bound with your horses will be strengthened.


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