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How to Ride a Horse Part 3 – Advanced Crucial Things You Need to Keep in Mind

Beginners are usually so complacent with their new riding activity than they pay attention to themselves. Sometimes they lose themselves in what they have to pay attention at and they understand. It will harm new riders if they do not want to stop, listen, and learn from other senior riders. If you are new rider, you are like a child who needs attention from their parents to keep away from any danger. Ride with the horsemen who have been experienced in riding horse and have knowledge of truly horsemanship.

Watch and see how they ride their horse. Every movements, attitude, directions, interaction between horse and rider are important things you should notice. If you want to be a real horse rider, being humble is an absolute requirement. Do not miss any chance to hear advices and tips from the professionals.
Though you could not hear much (because of the noise of the horse), you could watch their techniques, their attitude, and their communication with the horse. You need to gain a realistic perspective of yourself, your goals and how to achieve them.


Focus on the bigger goal, the improvement of yourself, achieving the highest relationship with your horse.

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