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The Best Ride for You

the best ride for independent girls

Choosing the best ride for us is not an easy task. As a female, we are often labelled as soft, fragile being that couldn’t stand anything created for men. We know that it was wrong. As a woman, we have the same preference as men, and believe this, we could handle anything. If there is any thought of giving us a “tame” ride, we might not like it at all. But here are some tips on choosing the best ride for ride

The height of a motorcycle’s seat is measured with the bike standing vertical (not on its side stand) from the lowest point of the saddle to the ground. Manufacturers estimate their seat heights in the description panel of each model. We could only find one manufacturer (Buell, now bust) who quote their seat height based on the height of the seat with an ‘average weight’ rider onboard. So watch out for that.

The total height of a motorcycle’s seat is important, but the seat’s width matters too. Some motorcycles with a low seat height have a wide seat which spreads out your legs, making it harder to get your feet flat on the ground.

When it comes to deciding on a motorcycle, you may try a few where you can’t get both feet steadfastly on the ground but you can get one foot flat. Is that enough? Well that depends on your strength and confidence. Most riders would be fine if they were told they could only put one foot down but confidence is the key. It’s okay to ride a motorcycle where you can only get one foot on the ground and doing so will open up a few more options for you to choose from, but it’s important to feel comfortable with the motorcycle you’re buying.

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