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Safety Tips when Driving at Night

Ladies, those who are usually driving at night must read this article. I have some tips to share for you so that you will be safe out there. First of all, you need to avoid driving alone, especially when it is night. If you must drive alone at night, you need to consider to keep yourself safe by take care some things. I’ll suggest you to bring self-defense weapon such as mace, a stun gun, and pepper spray. Decide which route that you will hit. People tend to avoid crowd and populated route and take other way. But it is not always good decision more especially if it is driving at home in the night. The safest route you can take is populated road.

When driving, make sure that your doors locked and keep your windows closed. Make sure that you put your seatbelt on. When stopped at intersection, turn your music off or keep it in low volume so that you can hear some suspicious warning noises like someone trying to climb on your car, some drivers call out warnings to you, and so on.

After parking your car, you need to set the alarm on before leaving it. Such anti-theft device can be great for burglar or thieves deterrent. When choosing a parking space, make sure that the area is safe. It is suggested to choose the ones are nearby the building’s entrance. You want to limit the exposure to potential attacks by spending the least amount of time possible.

Don’t park next to windowless vans, vehicles with tinted windows, or large vehicles. Your perhaps can not see the inside off the vehicles and that could be potential dangers. Perhaps there’s someone is lurking inside waiting to attack you.

Never leave your car unlocked. The thieves can steal everything in your car instantly. Never ever leave children unattended in the car for any reason! Don’t leave valuables inside your car where the thieves can see them. If you need to put valuables in your car, put it in the trunk.

Keep emergency kit inside your car. The items can be air horn, mace or pepper spray, flares, etc. And if it is possible, you can bring 2-way radio just in case your cell phone battery is dead. Put a flashlight in your trunk. When the attackers locks you in you can use it and scream like hell to ask for help.

Driving at night can be risky activity. However, you can use these tips to keep you safe.

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