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Scooter Safety Ride Tips for Women

Hello ladies! Are you in love with riding a bike? Or perhaps you would like to try another fun ride like riding a scooter? Riding a scooter can be great activity if you are a traveler. Compared to car or high-end motorbike, scooters are very economical yet fun way to travel around. The two wheeled transportation is also saving your budget to buy fuel, do the maintenance and the insurance. That’s the reason why it sells like crazy in the market today. If you have decided to hit the road with your scooter, there are some safety tips for you to read in advance.

Riding a scooter is somewhat daunting task to do if you are not used to ride it. The truth is that it can be difficult when steering and braking at extreme condition. Balancing is a must have skill you need to consider since balancing scooter can be difficult for some people. Before riding your scooter, make sure that you equip yourself with completely safety tops to have fun but safe riding experience with your friends or family.

First tips, consider wearing proper safety gear. If you are wondering what are they, that would be helmets, elbow pads, keepads, footwars, and jacket that give you full protection and comfort out the street. When wearing the safety gears, keep in mind that you are dressing for your safety not for the whole bunch reasons of being fashionable.

The next tip: ride defensively. I know what are you thinking when I speak about it. If you are in hurry, sometimes you will ride offensively. But I would suggest you one more time. Whatever the circumstances are, you need to play safe. Also there are some things you need to notice like blind spots, intersections, road condition, and many x factors. So, it is always recommended to keep your speed at the safe pace.

If you are yawning this morning and you are about to ride your scooter, think about it twice. It is harmful when you are driving while you are sleepy. You can focus on your driving. Perhaps a cup of coffee before riding will do the good work. The point is, you need to be focused and don’t let many distractions bother you when you get on your scooter.

You know that road condition is not always good. You need to anticipate that. Keep in mind that you are riding a scooter. If I may analogize it, you are in the middle of the battlefield, where the other giant enemies like truck, bus, and other big vehicles are ready to eat your scooter anytime. You just need to stay low and don’t consider the road as your race field or something. Just drive safe, love.

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