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Tips of Safety Taxi Trip for Ladies

Safety taxi tips

With such hectic days, women today have thought the effective think about transportation. They would prefer to get on the taxi to get to their destination quickly. For such professional career and serious life, women today undoubtedly do some activities about after the dark. Women with such hectic days spend the night at bar consuming alcohol with colleagues and friends. Perhaps having a dry evening, they will get home late at night. They do not realize that it can pose such serious issues about their safety. Most women would agree that it is safer in the car rather than walking outside at midnight. But are they always safe inside the taxi?
Unfortunately, the police department has claimed that there are many incidences of crime on public transportation especially taxi. Women must aware about their surrounding and it is a must to keep themselves from any possible harm that may attack them. I would give you brief information about the safety tips that all women should be aware of. So, ladies, look out!
First tips – only get into legally registered taxis. You need to be aware in choosing the taxi services you want to use. Make sure that they are registered. The legal taxis must have proper registration and tag. If a woman get into unregistered car, she is inside stranger’s car which means leading to possible targeted humiliation or assault.
Second tips – Book such reputable and legitimate cab in the city. If you are visiting your colleagues to different areas, you need to check the reputable companies that will provide you the best services. It is wise idea to have spare time to research the companies providing cab for you.
Third tips – Watch out your surrounding. When ordering a cab, you need to be aware of your surroundings. In the public place, you need to be careful to inform your name and address destination. It is better to tell your front name only to the operator. Ensure such public listeners won’t get any private information that may be misused.
Forth tips – Assure your own taxi. When you order the cab, make sure to ask the taxi driver’s name and what kind of car will be coming. It is better to cross check the information before getting on the taxi.
Fifth tips – Sick in the back. You need to keep the generous distance between yourself and taxi driver. It is a wise way to prevent any crime. There are many cases where girls were molested by the taxi driver. Keeping the distance to announce your private area is a wise way to prevent bad situation.

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