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Having Nice Body Shape

Your visual is more important than anything that’s why it is good to have nice body shape that will fit in any clothing. But after all, we shouldn’t limit ourselves with disfigured body shape thus we cannot wear any dress we want instead of resisting with monotone fashion that will slowly kill your appeal. What you need is getting rid of all those perspective and start with the new, free perspective.body shape

For example, a lady who has hips are wider than her shoulders with well-defined waist is ‘typed’ as having a pear body shape. In theory, ‘pears’ are counseled to play down on the bottom and show off the shoulders and arms. However, not all ‘pears’ are shaped equal. What if, instead of a heavy round bottom, this lady has the weight dispersed between her bottom, hip and thigh? What if this lady has no issues in showing off her curves but is rather worried with her sagging arms? In this case, a pencil skirt in dark color could help to show off her curves and draw attention to her waist. She would also want to avoid sleeveless and strapless tops that are sometimes suggested for ‘pears’.

Lastly, getting too caught up with our body shape could have an opposing effect on how we feel about ourselves. We all see that the hourglass (for women) is the benchmark of the perfect body shape. Marilyn Monroe was widely measured to have the perfect hourglass figure with measurements of 36-24-34. So, when some of us realized that we fall lack of the ideal hourglass, we feel out of shape. Worse yet, some of us have surrendered to the pressure and let it become a body image issue. This is not healthy to say the least.

Instead, what we want to take note of when it comes to dressing our body is to know what features and assets we have, what challenges and issues we want to address. Most of all, we want to be comfortable in our own skin and shape first. We need to recognize that the standards set out by the popular media and pop culture is unrealistic and it would be naïve to compare ourselves with it.

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