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Becoming Center of Attention with 3 Simple Steps

It’s never been easy to live as a girl. We want to live our way, but there must be someone who you think as a rival, thus making you doing stuffs to keep your image at least in the same level, or even higher. Good communication is the main factor to be the center of attention, whenever you’re speaking in front of a large audience or trying to get a point across to a new friend. This is how to speak well and confidently, you have to believe in yourself, speak slowly and carefully, and have strong convictions about what you’re saying. Always say your opinions with conviction. Before you start to speak, you must first make sure you really believe in 51f8d1dfc96c4a9c1800be8fe1b7c1a6what you say. You don’t need to be so arrogant to get your point across and to sound like you really believe in what you’re saying instead of turning to other people for validation or approval. Then start making eye contact with your talking mate. Eye contact has been a culture to show good gesture. Avoiding eye contact with someone could be considered a rude act.  Maintain your composure, then make your mate comfortable by giving him/her eye contact.  Aside from feeling comfortable, by giving eye contact you will keep your partner focus on you, it helps to ensure no miscommunication occurred. The last and the most important point is, suit up! You may have your own preference in fashion, but your appearance will be judged by those around you. Public opinion is made by people who have the same thinking. Your own opinion won’t have much value compared to their. You sure don’t want to get negative opinions all over you, so give your best every day! Make the best out of you and you will get the best from people!

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