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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Food

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, there are many ways to celebrate this special day. One way is with food. There are those who believe that food can increase the feeling of love and that there are many kinds of these foods. This year three kinds of foods stand out, ready to help those who just want a little more love.

Pizza is one of the big foods this Valentine’s Day. A national pizza chain is offering a luxury package for lovers who want to officiate their relationship. It consists of not only pizza (which includes breadsticks and cinnamon sticks), but also an exclusive experience complete with a ring, flowers, and fireworks. Despite the fact that it costs nearly USD 10000, as many as 800 couples have signed up for the package, although only 10 will get the package.

For those who are looking for a more practical option, cake pops are the thing. Cake pops are simply cakes formed into spheres or other shapes to which a stick is inserted and a coating is applied. As one might expect, there are potentially infinite variations on this theme. The only thing to do is to figure out what cake pop theme suits the time best.

At this time of year, chocolate is always in fashion. One Seattle company has taken to create a pair of chocolates designed for guys and girls. The “guy” chocolate is spicy with cinnamon overtones while the “girl” chocolate is smooth with raspberry and champagne flavors. These would certainly make a harmonious gift to couples looking to get closer.

Those who want some more love will definitely get more with these foods. And knowing that this is Valentine’s Day, whatever the choice of food may be, the important thing is to get the feeling of love and make the food make the moment more festive. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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