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What About Dog Obesity? What About Dogs Watching TV?

Man’s best friend turns out to have just as many issues as the beings they were meant to accompany. Interestingly, the issues are exactly the same as those which plague the ones they accompany. One is serious, while one is not quite as serious but offers a predicament.

Obesity is certainly a serious problem for people, but for pets (especially dogs) it is a more serious problem. Like obese people, obese pets too can suffer from heart disease and diabetes. However, pets can suffer from arthritis and muscle tears as well due to obesity. As a result, there are some pets that cannot move and as a result have to be euthanized to the sadness of their owners. Getting pets back into shape may also be difficult as diet and exercise can worsen the conditions. Worse yet is that some people are not aware that it is the obesity which they find amusing that causes other problems. So it seems that pets too need to be in shape.

Watching TV is an activity that many people enjoy, but for dogs it is quite another matter. Recently a TV channel was launched in the U.S. which provides 24-hour programming for dogs. But does this approach help at all? Whether they do or do not pay attention, exercise and moving around is still better for dogs, but if they do pay attention at all to the TV, it may be worthwhile. In showing things that drive dogs crazy, they may become desensitized to the disturbances. Still, TV does not substitute what quality play time can offer for a dog. The idea of a TV channel for dogs seems odd but it may just help.

People with these issues may not have too many problems changing their ways. But for dogs with these issues, it may be a call to attention for some more TLC to them.

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