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Easy Last Minute Hairstyles

There are days you can be too busy to spend minutes, and not to talk about hours, in front of mirror to do some elaborated hairdo. Or maybe on your private “Today-I-swear-not-so-going-to-do-anything” day, a cutie from your class suddenly text you that he is 5 minutes from your home and asks your for quick bites. Still, that doesn’t mean you got to fall so far and going out with a hurricane of hair in your head. Below are a few of those super-easy last minutes hairstyles that might save your live.smooth skin, last minute hairstyles

–          Plaits

Plaits can be life saver for your hair especially if you haven’t got time to wash your hair or when it was so tangled you almost give up to comb it and de-tangled. For sweet touch, try a side braids and let some hair stands loose around the braids. For those who are skilled enough, a cute loose fishtail plait will be more than enough to save your day.

–          Buns

Buns also allow us to hide dirty or greasy hairs perfectly. There is several last minute hairstyles cute buns style that easy to follow. Try to knot the bun on top of your head rather on the back to give more stylish touch. Using a colorful hairband to secure them also give more cheerful ambiance for your looks.

–          Casual Up-do

Pin your hair up with few hair pins and let the tip of it hanging carelessly will give you casual but stylish looks. Especially for those with wavy hair, the texture will give a lovely bounce and shape to this last minutes hairstyle. If you have ornamental big hair clip will also very useful to make your style legit and chic. Leave some stray tendrils frame your face to give slimmer and feminine looks and there come your last minute hairstyles.

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