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Free Things Around Dublin

Dublin is the capital city of Ireland, which makes it a quintessential city to visit in the gorgeous country. Like in any travel destination, it is easy to spend money on the paid tourist attractions. But for someone traveling on a budget or looking to stretch time without spending money, free sights are the ticket. Luckily, Dublin provides some of these, and they are quite interesting sights as well.

Dublin has some natural attractions, and one of them is the National Botanic Gardens. It is free to come see the natural sights and partake in programs that explain the natural world – on Sundays there are even guided tours. A more interactive experience is offered at the Howth Coastal Path which offers a view of the sea and rewards visitors with seal-feeding opportunities and lunch hot spots at Howth Bay. For just a simple natural experience, there are the parks like Merrion Square Park which provide natural beauty coupled with open space for various activities.

Things to do in the city include walking tours, which are free and also gets in a pub for lunch or many pubs at night. Grafton Street is where to go for street performers of many kinds of acts; there is something for everyone to see. Trinity College, Ireland’s oldest college which is also located in Dublin, also offers interesting sights. The buildings of high architecture along with its beautiful gardens make it a great place to take pictures, and just to simply explore the grounds costs nothing.

Art and culture have their own free destinations in Dublin. Museums like the National Museum of Ireland and the National Gallery of Ireland feature exhibits on Irish cultural and artistic items, and many of them are free of charge. There are plenty of both cultural and art museums to suit everyone’s taste. As an alternative to the art museums, the Docklands feature art in an outdoor setting, and it also showcases a beautiful part of Dublin. Those who would like to include a religious visit can consider lesser churches that do not charge for entry, like the Our Lady of Mount Carmel church.

The best things in a trip are not always the things that are paid; Dublin is a testament to that. For a city rich in history and culture, Dublin also provides sights that are filled with both, but without any cost. This makes a quintessential city even more essential to visit and to discover.

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