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Hot Spots of the Caribbean

There are many things to see and do around the Caribbean for a spectacular tropical getaway. But the greatest things may just be found in the spots where everyone stays. Three of these kinds of spots are all-inclusive resorts, bars, and an outdoor park.

It is no secret that one of the best places to stay is in an all-inclusive resort where food, drinks and experiences are included in one price. Around the Caribbean, there are ten of these hot spots that provide the greatest amenities for prices at or under 500 dollars. Despite the low prices, these resorts happen to be equipped with the greatest of features that would seem like they necessitate a higher cost, but they do not. On the whole they provide family entertainment for an affordable value.

For the hanging-out crowd, five bars are worth checking out. Three of the best ones feature water access (in some cases, only) and two are uniquely built with some stunning views. Four of them come with their own signature drinks – which should not be forgotten to be enjoyed – and a couple offer great food as well. All of them provide great opportunities for relaxation in an often-secluded but sometimes-open place in the Caribbean.

Thrill-seekers can check out the ToroVerde Adventure Park in Puerto Rico. Even though it is an “ecotouristic” park, it provides adventure in spades. The first primary attraction is its array of zipline tours, which can be used to glide through the park at exhilarating paces. The second is the mountain bike park section of the complex, which offers rides for all skill levels. Overall, the park provides a great opportunities for adventure lovers of all kinds.

Next time a vacation opportunity in the Caribbean comes up, some of these places may be worthwhile to see. They could surely enliven a vacation which is already packed and make it more memorable.

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