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Improve Your Mood with Food

Unhappy Depressed Woman

It’s just the second day of the week and you are depressed already? No one to hang out with last weekend, plus moody boss, lecturer, teacher and bestie, oh, how complete your Monday was. It is common to get stressed out too. But you should know that there are several other ways to get out from your depression, yes, it is food!

Maybe you are too afraid to drown yourself in eating, because of your easy-to-get-fat body and some other reasons, but there are foods that are available to help with balancing the mood without causing you to get fat, unless, you eat recklessly. Research has shown that ideal nutrition can improve a person’s mood. The substance called as natural mood elevator is a protein called tryptophan. This protein is found in fish, liver, turkey, chicken, beans, avocado, bananas, cottage cheese and wheat germ.

Unhappy Depressed Woman

As well as taking certain supplements and eating healthy foods, there are certain things to try and avoid in order to maintain a balanced mood. You should avoid snacks containing lots of sugar and the excess use of refined sugar.

The problem with sugar is that whilst it acts as a short term boost for mood and energy levels, over time it has the completely opposite effect. It affects the body’s ability to keep blood sugar levels stable and the result is usually more stress, anxiety, tiredness and depression. The trick is to go for foods that release their sugar slowly over time so you don’t get the up and down feeling. These foods are pasta, rice, porridge, potatoes, vegetable, fruit, especially apples, pears and berries.

You should stimulants such as tea, coffee, alcohol, colas, chocolates and cigarettes. Caffeine should be avoided particularly in the evenings as it can mess up your sleep patterns and create another reason to feel tired and low.

By selecting what you eat, you can help the change of your own mood. Don’t forget that you still have three days until this coming weekend.  Stay Healthy and eat good food.

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