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Maintaining Cross Cultural Relationship

Having a cross cultural relationship should not make you bothered at all. We live in globalized world, it means that our chance to meet people from the other country or region, is getting bigger. Why should we feel sad about that?

You can discern many things from a culture: shared language, traditions, norms and beliefs and customs.  Anyway of the culture, successful cross cultural relationship is constructed on respect, trust and the ability to communicate successfully.  These are the keys of having a successful cross cultural relationship:cross cultural relationship

Understand each other.  Don’t assume anything.  Basically you want to learn about unalike cultures through a diversity of reliable sources: your own personal relationships, books, travel, research and ongoing education.

Always have an open mind.  Avoid stereotypes.  Grow your mind by building a broad cross-section of relationships – gender, race, sexual orientation, country of origin and people who think in a different way from you.

Start with people you know.  The best place to begin is with people who you know inside and outside of your organization, business, and social organizations.

Participate in multicultural networking events.  Professional organizations, cultural events, conferences, diversity forums, minority business expos and community events are all great places to network.

Be drawn in.  Volunteer and partner with groups and organizations where you can add value, while interacting and getting to know others from different backgrounds.  It will take time to build trust and to establish authentic relationships, so think long-term.

Be true to your word.  Establishing trust is the key to sustained successful relationships.  If you say you’re going to do something – do it!

Take up positive intent.  Be positive. At some point miscommunication is likely to occur. When this happens, don’t give up. Assume positive intent and continue on the journey.  Persistence is the key. Stay the course and establish yourself as someone with genuine interest in maintaining relationships across cultures.

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