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Oolong Tea Overview

Have you heard about oolong tea? Green tea has been very popular in decades and now you can see it anywhere in stores and cafes. It is also used in many products like candles, beauty products, and many other daily needs. Camellia Sinensis is the other name of Oolong tea. The only difference is that Oolong is semi-fermented while green tea is not fermented.

The fermentation process is done by skilled worker that can make tea to many different categories to create different varieties. The leaves are oxidizatied to reach desired level and then cooked.

To improve and enhance the smell, flavor and texture, the leaves are processed in certain methods that I can not explain. The point is, it is done by rubbing and rolling the tea. The workers make the different levels of tea, and when the processing is over, the expert of Oolong tea will test the leaves and make annotation of their grades.

Talking about a little history of Oolong tea, as the name is oriental, it was first produced in China. Fujian people in Fujian province have been producing the finest tea for hundred years. But not it is also produced in many other places like Thailand, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

The strong reason why green tea has become so demanded is that there are people who believe that they can have many health benefits by regularly drink it. People believe that drinking Oolong tea daily will enhance their digestion system and improve the metabolism system.

If you are interested in drinking Oolong tea, I recommend you to find such quality supplier. If you want to look for it online, there are many sellers on the Internet that offer different types of Oolong products. You just need to find a good supplier and who can supply not so good tea. Most people will look for the real products in the local Chinese stores. But it does not guarantee that they will provide high quality. Some tend to provide low quality and not worth buying. It is also advised to research about some popular brands in the internet. You can look for specialist tea merchant and try different ones to find the best.

Oolong tea also has some varieties like Tie Guan Yin, Vietnamese Golden Buds, Formosa Oolong, and Gao Shan. You will have many choices in finding Oolong tea and if you are interested to try different varieties, you will find there are a lot of fascinating tastes you will experience.


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