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Best Places for Photography in India

India is a wonderful country located on the subcontinent of Asia to the south. Its mix of nature, culture, and history make it a great place to be in. By this virtue, it also makes it a great place to take some beautiful photographs, and all that a photographer has to do is to look for the best spots.

Agra is the most obvious choice for photography, being that the Taj Mahal resides in this place. Photographs of the white marble landmark is an absolute must for those who drop into the area. It should be noted that charges may be applied for carrying a camera, in addition to the entry permit. The best time to take photographs are early in the morning when tourists have not yet come, or even later on in the day. Also, different angles and views help to create unique pictures from this place.

Pushkar is both a religious spot and a location for great Indian food, so it is expected that quite a number of people will visit. Both also provide great photo opportunities, so it is wise to book in advance as there are few accommodations. Similar to Pushkar, Varanasi is a holy spot, but it also boasts the title of one of the oldest cities still inhabited. On one side of the Ganges, there is less of the city and more of the happenings of the people, and therefore provides a significant potential for photographs.

To see the majestic Himalayas, a trip to the northeastern regions is advised for the best shots, perhaps even climbing a lesser peak. In the south and west there are opportunities to shoot the sea and beaches, as well as the people who make a living there. Keep in mind that India has a rich history, so historical sites are important and viable for photography. Finally, look for out-of-the way places to take some shots, like on the train, on the streets, and in the slums.

To see the richness of India, photography is a great answer. Capturing the best sights is a way to take in everything that can be seen and done in such a beautiful country. Photography truly shows how much the country has to offer.

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