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Don’t Just Sit, Move Around

Is it better to move around than to just sit around? The answer is yes, definitely, but the reasons may not be as obvious as people might think. Compared to moving around, sitting effects a different kind of metabolism. The results of this metabolism are varied but on the whole are the same: quite unhealthy. It is better to move around rather than sit around.

It does not matter where sitting is done – sitting makes the body more prone to becoming fat. The muscles involved deactivate and burn less calories. Insulin becomes less effective, which can lead into diabetes as well as obesity. The body becomes less effective at breaking down fats and good cholesterol levels fall. Overall the body becomes weaker and more susceptible to many ill effects.

Worse yet, exercise has nothing to do with this phenomenon. Nor can exercise help to avert the phenomenon. A study done to check for weight loss factors showed that it does not matter whether people exercised a little or a lot; people who sat more tended to gain more. This is contrast with the popular belief that exercise, or even diet, helps to make up for the time spent sitting down.

In truth, it is sitting less that helps the body to become more healthy. Just performing small movements of the body for certain tasks helps to keep the body active, staving off the side effects of sitting. One particularly effective tip is to get up and move around once or twice every hour should one be confined to a sit-down activity. The important thing is to keep the body moving around and not to lock the body into sitting positions for too long of a time.

Sitting thus can obviously be detrimental to the body. The good news is that avoiding the bad effects is simpler than one might think. The answer is just to keep moving to keep the body active and in a healthy condition.

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