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These Ten Foods Do Wonders for Your Health

Want a health solution that involves food? Ten simple ingredients deliver surprising benefits that greatly enhance the health of those who consume them. The best part is that all ten ingredients run the gamut of all courses, making them solutions for health food at any time.

Fats are in – there is no denying it now, fats are healthy and necessary. One good source is Greek yogurt, which also doubles as a protein source. Its creamy texture makes it a great dairy fodder for all kinds of recipes. Other great sources of fat include almond butter and extra virgin olive oil. The former, more than just a replacement for peanut butter, helps the heart and muscles, while the latter is a versatile eating and cooking fat and is a source of unsaturated fats and vitamin E. Altogether, these sources of fats bring great health benefits, as long as they are kept in moderation.

Beans and grains too are great for the body. Quinoa is an exotic grain but is packed with nutrients, including lots of protein and fiber. Quinoa can substitute rice in its various uses, including as pudding. The ever-popular oatmeal with its fiber content and energy maintenance ability is still a given for healthy eating and has a multitude of uses beyond porridge; it can be used as a partial flour substitute and as a crunchy dessert component. In the beans department, lentils are the go-to beans for a variety of cooking options, and luckily it is a source of iron and helps regulate blood sugar. Consider these grains and beans for a healthy option.

Healthy food options are also sometimes the most common foods. Try salmon as a protein source as well as a source of good fats that aid in relieving health issues such as depression and cancer. For vegetables, the members of the cabbage (Brassica) family are low-calorie, high-nutrient, and cancer-fighting options, as well as being substantial vegetables themselves. Similarly in the fruit department, berries have much of the same properties coupled with fiber content and versatility in desserts. Finally, dark chocolate may be a surprising health food, but no matter its form, it is packed with antioxidants that counter free radicals. Whatever the form, these foods are worth including in a healthy diet.

Even the most common of ingredients hide health benefits that are too good to miss. For a healthy lifestyle, it is worth including these foods; the benefits themselves will show in time.

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