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Curiosity as a Plus

How do you get an attention? By curiosity of course! You saw your dream man in a coffee shop, someone introduce you to him, he was clumsy and unfocused, even spilled coffee on your blouse, but you adored him, although he showed no curiosity in you. Don’t be anxious – you know that any man can be influenced into liking you. You only have to show him you don’t have a relationship, but don’t exaggerate: any man who sees you are desperate will disappear immediately. Here are some ideas to make your way smoother than ever:

Be a little cold

He must be the first to show interest in you, so don’t call him 3 times a day and don’t send lots of e-mails to show you miss him. If he misses you, he will call. Do not show you are available anytime; settle a date “according to your busy schedule”.

a curious man

a curious man

Choose your subject wisely

Don’t talk about soap operas or diets. Find topics of mutual interest. Who knows, maybe he has the same likes and dislikes as you. Forget about the topics that are only for girls and let him talk, too.

Attitude is a must!

It is a fact that girls, who would complain, cry over “spilt milk” or show deep vulnerability, will not be appreciated. Men are attracted to strong women, independent and self-assured, who face life instead of finding a man to do this for them. So, if you want to make him like you, be careful about your image. Be relaxed and let him know you are happy with the life you have.

No sex on first date

This is not a good idea and he may think you do this with every man you just met. Intimacy should come later.

There is something else you need to know. You must understand that if he refuses politely to meet you, he may already be in a relationship.

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