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Finding Perfect Relationship

You might have been bored over relationships that doesn’t end well each and every time, and now you started to wonder if there is such thing as perfect relationship.perfect relationship

Let me enlighten you. You will never find such thing as a perfect relationship. Each of us is different, therefore each relationship is different, and moreover each of YOUR relationships will be different, because it is formed of two unique different people. To make stuffs even more exciting, also your steady relationship can become different in time. Since a relationship is molded of two divergent people, it’s enough for one of them to change, and this will change the nature of the relationship.

This takes us to a conclusion, even if a perfect relationship existed, it would still be subject to various influences from both components forming it. It would be enough for one of the partners to change and the relationship would change. This leads us to even more interesting point of view. When we see a couple and think, “oh what a perfect relationship they are making”, it is only in that moment that the relationship is subjectively perfect. One minute later it might not be so perfect any longer.

This should motivate us to be really living in the moment. Let me explain. If things are going great we need to be truly thankful for this as the status might shortly change. On the other hand, if things are not going so well, we should not worry so much, as the only constant in today’s world is change.

There is more to this philosophy however. It is the Law of Attraction. Wholesome thoughts we form in our heads, lead us to being a wholesome person and in turn attract wholesome relationships. What we think impacts who we are, what and who we attract to our lives. In fact what we think forms everything in our lives, including the type and quality of our relationship.

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