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Man, are You Serious?!

You just get a new crush, and suddenly your world has changed! Everything become brighter and more colorful. But don’t get overboard just yet. How can you tell if your man really loves you? Has he said the words, but you want to know if he means it? Do you want to avoid another excruciating breakup and figure out how he really feels towards you? If so, then you might find some interesting tips. Here are three tests of your relationship’s strength.

  1. Will Your Man Commit to You?

If he’s not willing to date exclusively, especially if you’ve been seeing one another for a while, then he probably doesn’t love you. This is especially true if you’re relationship has gotten physical. If he doesn’t see the benefit of being with only you, then move on to someone who does.

  1. Is it All About Him?

Just because he’s spending a lot of time with you, does not mean that he loves you. You might just be providing something that he wants for the time being. Maybe you are really supportive of him. Is he always talking about himself? Do you have to hear about his problems at work all the time? Pay attention to how your conversations are going. If he is only into him, then you may have a problem.

  1. Is Your Man Supportive of You?
commitment man

committed man

If a guy can’t handle your problems while you’re only dating, then he certainly won’t be able to handle the stresses of marriage and children with you. Test him now. See if he will listen while you talk about how awful your day at work was. If he’s too busy playing X-Box to grab you a box of Kleenex, then he probably doesn’t have sincere feelings about you, and you might want to think about this before things get too serious.

Well, I hope that your relationship can pass the test. Try these tips to see if he really loves you.

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