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Be a Girl Every Man Loves

Girls, Men could be overprotective, careless, and sometimes ignorant, but it is a fact that men love women from the bottom of their hearts especially when they think that they are with the women that they would like to spend his life with. But, if you get pretty annoying, their feelings might as well fade, and you wouldn’t want that to happen, would you?

Here are some traits that guys don’t like in girls pretty much:

When girls treat them purely as emotional pillars of support. They hate it when you constantly demand his hugs, caresses and praises. This frustrates them deeply and will make them grow tired of everything. They would want you to be self-confident and free but not too much that they would feel useless in your life. A little of both would be perfect.

girls hated by guys

girls hated by guys

When girls can’t stop criticizing other girls. They should not treat every woman as their rival. If you continue to criticize your own specie, you would not gain the approval of men because this will only show your insecurity.

When girls are always jealous. Jealousy will never revive a relationship. Instead, it will further crash down the things you have carefully built for each other. This will only create doubts because you don’t trust him. A good foundation of an excellent relationship is on trust.

Girls who pretend to be innocent. It is important for men that girls would stay as they are and don’t pretend to be someone they are not. They would rather know the truth of your nature than be eager of something that you can’t actually give.

There are still other things guys hate about girls aside from the ones mentioned above. But, you should know that these are the major things that guys hate in girls. You should try to avoid those things and be able to anticipate a harmonious and satisfactory life.

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