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How to Verify His Commitment

You’ve got along with a perfect man and you can’t help it but images of engagement have been spinning in your mind. You want to be with him forever as your heart is telling you that he is definitely the one that deserves to accompany you in the future. You have found your destiny. But there is one obstacle that disturbs your plan. He is not interested in a deeper relationship. Is it possible to get the future with your lover? Yes, indeed. You just have to know how to persuade him to commit to you.

If he is clearly not interested in a deeper relationship, you need to know what is the reason. There must be a reason for his declination to bring the relationship to the higher level with you. Perhaps it deals with bad memories about his last previous relationship that he is still in recuperation. Perhaps he witnessed to divorce in his own home and he does not want to be in that position. Take times for both of you to talk about this matter and his commitment he takes. In the conversation, you will find clues of this matter.

If the matter is clear and you think you still have a chance with your boyfriend, you need to turn to actions to persuade him unless you change your relationship in order to se foreseeable future. Keep in mind that ending the relationship completely is not recommended. Otherwise, he will find someone else that will replace your position. It is better to break slightly to see his seriousness toward yourself. And it is fair for both parties to think about the relationship matter.

An easy and effective way to do this are to spend more time with your families, your friends, and less time with him. Give him a space and stop contacting him for a moment. Let him reflect the situation. And you need to be ready for the worst result. If he is your destined lover, he will be back to your hug.