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Tweak Computers yourself

What’s wrong with your computer, Girls? It is just Wednesday and your computer is starting to perform slowly than usual. Blue screen error! Missing .dll file! These awfully scary messages are just two of the notices we might see on our computer screen that have the effect of making our patience run out shortly. Our computer is letting us know it’s sick and needs serious attention. Not everyone is skilled when it comes to computer diagnosis and repair.

However there is a procedure that even the greenest beginner can do that go a long way towards getting the most out of your PC and possibly prevent some problems from girl

Startup Cleaning!

Simply press and hold the button between left ctrl and alt with windows log on it; type msconfig into the Run box that pops up. This should bring up a System Configuration Utility. Click on the “Startup” Tab. Here is a list of every application that starts during you boot process. If your startup is slow and you would like to tweak it a bit here is the easy way.

Remove checkmarks on any application not needed at startup. This is not removing the program from your computer but merely turning them off until you manually click on and start. Read, Read, Read, and do not haphazardly deselect items. Make sure it is an application that is unneeded for everyday normal use. If you deselect anything by accident just repeat the process and add the check mark back in and then reboot. After you make your changes you must click on the “Apply” button at the bottom to activate selections. The process will also require you to reboot for changes to be set in motion. After your reboot is complete you will receive a message stating your configuration has changed. This is fine. Now deselect “show this message at startup”. You should notice a small to large increase on reboot time.

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