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Surviving Long Distance Relationship

There is more than ten million couples are occupied at surviving a long distance relationship. College students, military families, and even married couples are facing the difficulties because of being apart from their beloved one. These couples have many problems exclusive to them as they work hard to uphold their love. They need to assess the value of their current relationship, ability to communicate, how they will share quality time, and how they want their future to be shaped. Now, we will discuss these and give reassurance that it can be overcome.long distance relationship

1) Assess the value of your relationship and how long you’ve been together. Surviving a long distance relationship is much more likely when it’s based on a successful long-term commitment. Trust, love and mutual arrangement regarding the relationship are a must. Both of you must be prepared to make sacrifices, and trust in the other person in order to overcome your fears of being apart.

2) The lines of communication need to be open. Have you talk over your fears with your partner, worries, and how they can comfort you? Does he know you get ahead a phone call every day? Does she know you want to see her every other weekend? Accept one another’s needs and make sure you’re both comfortable discussing them.

3) Create special ‘together time’ even when you can’t be together. Watch a favorite TV show, listen to the same radio station, or try a webcam for live communication. Let them know they are a part of everyday life by including them with pictures, letters, cards, email, and treats whenever possible.

4) Talk about the future when you’ll be together permanently. It is important to remember this is temporary, but very worth it. A couple who survives a long distance relationship has a special bond, and you’ll have faith in the future knowing how you both sacrificed to be together.

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