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Texting Etiquette – Make Your Own Decision

Suppose you are now in more serious relationship with your guy and he seldom to text you, you are on the nice track now. But he does not have a clue what to do together with you for dating. Read the tips below

If he can figure out how you and him doing together you must have a chosen plan to do. For example, he calls you after sending you a message. He says “ Do you want something to do?” and you could reply with a plan “I want to go to the 6.45 movie and then have a dinner after the movie. Pick me up at 6.30pm. See you”

As a girl dating the mediocre guy that does not have a clue about how to treat women, then it is you to have decided and make the decision when he cannot.

You may choose what and where to go. If he do that “hems and haws” about anything, gives you a “whatever”, just say “Oh, that is OK. I can go with my girlfriends. Bye” and just end the conversation quickly. And do your plan as you said to him. I want you to know about this thing:

Men are very annoyed by something they can not figure out. In addition, they are marvelously afraid of any type of rejection from a woman, especially any woman they like. In fact, every man is more scared of rejection, of not being respected and admirer by woman.

So no matter how nervous you are, he will be more nervous. By knowing this fact must give you more confidence and power in facing this problem, especially when dealing with the guy you like or the guy that after you.

You will be a winner from now on!

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