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Texting Etiquette – Text Message Does Not Tell You Truth

When you are sending SMS to someone, you lose the majority of the ways you can suspect with what the person is up to at that moment they are sending you SMS.

When you receive the text message, this is what happening. Piece of words invades your logic center and you immediately add your emotions after reading such words. Is he sad, angry, happy, shy, worried, horny, or whatsoever? The text message does not tell you the truth, so you add your emotions to the text you received.

And your imagination has been around in your mind while probably he does not do the same thing as he reported it to your through SMS messaging. Here is one example:

He: “What are you doing?”
You: “Nothing”
He: “I’m thinking about you” (on a bar with his friends)

Sometimes SMS text is not so accurate, right?

Here are the basic rules for relationships and SMS messaging:

  1. Text Messaging is only allowed if there is an emergency
  2. Text Messaging is not the only way to communicate
  3. SMS text is only last way if your boyfriend has not paid his phone bill.

Although those are not always absolutely true, Keep in mind that those 3 rules is worth to do for your own sake.

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